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Why Moorfield?

The Nurturing of Every Child

At Moorfield every child is cared for as an individual. We make it our aim to nuture in every child kindness to others and the personal confidence to be successful.

'She has been well taught, but most of all she has been very happy. You have taken time to get to know her as an individual and this has helped her grow in confidence and feel respected for who she is.' S6 Parent

'Moorfield has been full of so much fun and kindness and to us it always seemed that the children's happiness was uppermost.' S6 Parent'

'I always remember your prospectus which claimed .... 'each child's needs are recognised, creating a happy and supportive environment in which they flourish. Moorfield School has been true to its words.' S6 Parent

Inspirational Teaching

The success of a school depends heavily on the quality of its teachers. Our Moorfield staff team is a mixture of youth and experience - a diverse range of talent, with each person wholly committed to our ethos of kindness and high standards, and everyone working very hard to achieve the best for pupils in our care.

'The pupils' success is the outcome of their eagerness to learn, the opportunities provided within and outside the curriculum and the high quality of the teaching they receive.' ISI Inspection 2011

'She totally thrived in the environment it afforded her. It transformed her.'F4 Grandparent

A Strong Academic Foundation

Teaching is rigorous and children develop a positive attitude to learning. Differentiated and personalised teaching ensures that every pupil develops academically and is stretched from their level of ability to make excellent progress. Full examination preparation enables each child to get into their first choice of senior school, but far more that that, each leaves Moorfield with the personal confidence to get involved in everything on offer and thrive at secondary school.

'The curriculum's vibrancy challenges the pupils on all levels.' ISI 2011

'The quality of pupils' achievements and their learning, attitudes and skills is excellent.' ISI 2011

'The teaching always provided the academic challenge that she needed.' S6 Parent

'She has gained a love of learning, a generosity to those around her, great friends and the belief that she can succeed with perseverance.' S6 Parent

Exceptional Music and Sport

Huge opportunities for musical development give pupils much fun and chance to sparkle. Our award winning strings group, Irish Band and superb school choir give plenty of opportunity for music making together. The key words are enjoyment and inclusion and the outcome is exceptional.

Creativity is particularly well developed.' ISI 2011

Sport is really important for developing an active, fit and healthy lifestyle. We engender a competitive spirit for all team fixtures and offer a wide selection of extra-curricular sports activities. With a growing number of boys we offer coaching in football, rugby and cricket from Reception and golf lessons from Year 3. 

'I was surprised by the raised level in their fitness as a result of the sporting opportunities they get at Moorfield.' F3 and S5 Parent

Superb Support for Working Parents

During term time parents can rest assured that their sons and daughters will be well cared for from 7.45am to 6.15pm.

We are also delighted to offer all Moorfield pupils, from 2 to 11 years old, a Holiday Club that runs throughout the year except for two weeks at Christmas, Bank Holidays and staff training days. Children spend their days in a relaxed, companionable and creative environment.

'We both love Holiday Club.'  A parent 

The IAPS Kitemark of Quality

There are strict criteria which any prep school must meet if they wish to be part of IAPS (Independent Associaton of Prep Schools).  These criteria include the makeup of the governing body, staff salaries and pensions, and the acceptance of the Head as a member of the association. 

Moorfield is a proud member of IAPS and the professional support network it provides.