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Congratulations to Lucinda
Oct 30, 2018

Wharfedale Festival Results October 2018

Wharfedale Festival 16th October 2018

Despite the very high standard of this year’s festival, the older children achieved a number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, shown below. In addition 13 of the children played in the non-competitive class for year 3 and below, which is a big first step for such young pianists.

Piano solo year 4 and under:   1st place  Amelia Barclay

Piano solo year 4 and under:    2nd place  Jasmin Rhodes

Piano solo year 6 and under:   3rd place  Jemima Crebbin

Piano solo year 6 and under Novice:   2nd place  Tabby Hartley

Piano duet year 6 and under: 

3rd place (joint) with distinction:   Tabby Hartley & Jemima Crebbin, Olivia Patchett & Trudie Rae,

Lucinda Leeming & Phoebe Mather

Piano trio year 6 and under:

1st place with distinction:   Maria Stefan, Amelia Barclay & Jasmin Rhodes

2nd place (joint) with distinction: Jemima Crebbin, Tabby Hartley & Lucinda Leeming, 

Alex Waterhouse, Emilia Peers-Alton & William Leeming, Olivia Rix, Tia Rhodes & Leila Reilly

3rd place (joint):    Olivia Patchett, Trudie Rae & Phoebe Mather, Elizabeth Impey, Nadine Locker &

                            Nellie Stead