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A Word from the Head 

November 15th 2018

Since we returned to school after the half term break we have, as you would expect, been extremely busy. As always there have been exciting things going on in the classrooms and we have also enjoyed great success in the Wharfedale Art Competition.

What will remain with me however are those times when we have come together as a school and with parents, carers and other members of the community.There were the two piano concerts which took place on the 30th and 31st October in which the children highlighted not only their fantastic levels of skill but also their confidence to perform and their collaboration skills when performing with each other. The concert on the 31st was particularly poignant as we were visited by Mrs Clarke who donated the piano which is now being used in the hall. She clearly took such delight in hearing the children playing it so well and with such enthusiasm. Afterwards she spoke to us all in very moving terms about what these performances meant to her.

Some of you were also able to be with us for last week’s remembrance assembly, which made it all the more special. I was very proud of the children’s maturity and sensitivity when being a part of such a meaningful assembly. This goes from the impeccable way that nursery children were able to observe the two-minute silence right up to senior six and the empathetic manner in which they all contributed to the assembly.

This week of course will culminate in Children in Need day. I must thank you all for your generosity in the donations that we have received through the purchasing of merchandise and taking part in quizzes and so forth. We have needed to order more stock as demand far outstripped supply, a very useful learning experience for the children involved.

Paul Baddeley
17th October 2018

In double quick time my first half term at Moorfield has come to a close and a very positive experience it has been. I would like to thank everyone for their patience as I have gradually learned the faces and routines of the school. I now have the opportunity to reflect on all that I have absorbed over these past few weeks and to begin to plan for the future of the school. There is so much to be proud of here. What has particularly struck me as I have observed the children learning in these past few weeks is just how high their levels of engagement are. I have yet to walk into a lesson and see any child approaching their learning with any kind of passivity at all. The children are excited and involved in what they are doing throughout the school and are happy and able to articulate this.

I have seen some excellent examples of team work, the children support and genuinely value each other.  There is an enthusiastic and collaborative approach to dealing with any problems or barriers that a given task might present. These are strengths that we will continue to build on and can enhance even further. The school is such a positive community; it’s lovely to see the high levels of participation in extracurricular music and sport and the pride with which the children represent the school when given that opportunity, something I would like to make even more accessible to all.

I have had a hugely rewarding first half term and I look forward to many more to come.

Paul Baddeley


28th September 2018

We are well into the term now and the school is feeling very busy and purposeful as children have been taking part in a variety of exciting opportunities. Sport has been very much to the fore and there have been netball matches both home and away in three different age groups as well as away rugby matches due later on this very afternoon.It’s also been a time in which various children from around the school have benefitted from hearing directly from some notable children’s authors. Just yesterday Senior 5 were lucky enough to visit Bradford Grammar School and meet acclaimed cyclist and now children’s author Sir Chris Hoy and today we eagerly await the visit of Peter Bunzl, author of the Cogheart series; a very exciting opportunity! As well as this, we’ve also been celebrating the European Day of Languages as part of our exciting curriculum.

The fly in the ointment at present surrounds the issues that we are having around swimming provision as the Ilkley swimming pool remains closed. I have been in contact with three other swimming pools to see if they can offer us the provision that we need. Unfortunately, so far we haven’t been able to find a pool which is available and has the right kind of facilities for us but we will keep trying.  

 Paul Baddeley


14th September 2018

The first full week at Moorfield seems to have gone by in a flash. It was wonderful to see so many of you at our meet the teacher evening. I’m delighted that the partnership between the parents and carers and the school staff is so strong. The evening felt enormously supportive and I have been very grateful for the feedback that so many of you have taken the time to share with me. As I mentioned on the evening the welcome that I have received from parents, children and staff alike has been overwhelming and has served as an affirmation to me of what a fine school Moorfield really is, I feel very lucky to be here.

A reminder that our communication systems are now all up and running after some initial teething problems so please do check for emails and texts as well as using the website as your first port of call for any school information. On that subject we expect to send out agreement forms for use of technology and photography in the very near future, please can you return these to school as soon as you are able.

Finally it was lovely to end the week with our Big Breakfast for Matugga this morning. I very much enjoyed experiencing the way in which that Moorfield spirit extends into the global community and would like to thank all involved for their generosity both in terms of their time and their donations to a very worthy cause.  A special thank you to Miss Van Eede fo organising such a positive event so early in the new school year.

 Paul Baddeley
25th May 2018

This week we have been transported to the African plains with a triumphant performance of The Lion King staged by Senior 5 and 6.  This ambitious choice of play was made in order to give us the opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent at the top of the school.  Oh my goodness – what a feast of dance, drama and song was presented to a delighted audience!  We were all in awe of the standard set by every child to entertain with such a vibrancy, polish and professionalism. Fabulous photographs, taken by Andrew McMillan, are available on his website, which will serve as a lasting reminder of such memorable performances.  We are so proud of our actors and I am deeply grateful for the talent and enthusiasm of our staff to facilitate and support such a quality production. 

Another extremely busy half term has flown by.  Enjoy the two week half–term holiday, everyone.

17th May 2018

Life is so busy at Moorfield that we barely have time to bask in the success of something before working busily towards another event.  Wharfedale Festival last week included a large number of children from F2 to S6 each of whom had worked hard to prepared for entries in speech and drama, creative writing and poetry, choirs and musical ensembles.  Our News page lists the specific awards achieved by individual children although, in my opinion, everyone was a winner for having the courage to enter a competition.

This week the focus is on final preparations for 'The Lion King' to be staged next week.  I haven't been able to resist a sneak preview, suffice it to say that anyone who comes to see this year's school play is in for a mighty treat.

Jessica Crossley
8th May 2018

THANK YOU to ALL parents and children who supported the Moorfield carnival parade on Bank Holiday Monday. Huge thanks to Linda Denmark who took responsibility for the parade on behalf of the PA and Mrs Rhodes who organised the dance lessons at school before the event. With so many families making an effort to be there, we were able to create an impact of colour and fun, which matched the 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme.  All the mothers looked dazzling and fathers dapper in their DJs, despite the really hot weather.  The children's dancing was delightful - I hope you have enjoyed the photographs in the entrance hall, which show how many were twirling and shimmying to the music.  The gloriously sunny day made the parade really festive and, as usual, Moorfield just enjoyed being part of this traditional community event.  We took special pride in our Nursery pupils who walked ALL the way!  Three cheers for Moorfield!

Jessica Crossley


27th  April 2018

Our congratulations for Mrs Preston whose baby arrived on 25th April - a girl, Nell Amelia.  What a lucky girl she is to be born into such a loving family.  Moorfield is lucky too to have Mrs North covering Mrs Preston's maternity leave.  She is a qualified teacher who has specialised in EYFS for a number of years - the children are thriving in her company.

School has been rather empty with Form 3 at Nell Bank and Form 4 at Bewerley Park on their residential trips.  I have great admiration for those children who have been so brave about being away from home overnight. They will all have had an exciting time and feel so pleased with themselves for having the courage to be adventurous.

Jessica Crossley
22nd April 2018

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came to our Open Day yesterday and made it such a success.

I know that Mr Baddeley greatly appreciated meeting parents and that his address was well received, providing assurance that Moorfield will be in very good hands under his leadership.  We were also delighted to welcome a number of new families who could meet the incumbent Head, meet parents and teachers and hear, thanks to the phenomenal standard of the trio who sang, the talent Moorfield will discover and develop in our pupils.

Jessica Crossley
20th April 2018

What a treat to welcome sixteen new children to Moorfield recently: Charlie (S5), Sam (F4), Ali, Arthur, Isla, Libby and Ted (F3), Alice and Amber and Teddy(F1) and Camille, Josh, Olivia, Ollie and Sam (EYFS).  It is only the end of the first week back but those who arrived just a few days ago already look as though they have always been here.  It has been encouraging to hear such positive comments from parents about how they feel their children have settled into our school.  Please look at our Facebook page to see a lovely photo of them all.

We have made a change to our lunches to accommodate the larger number of children in the dining room each day and have introduced two sittings.  Upper School now eat at 12.15pm and Lower School at 12.45pm.  The atmosphere is calmer and we feel the children are enjoying lunch times more.

An important new boy will be visiting tomorrow!  He will be keen to meet parents and children.  We know how much my successor, Mr Baddeley, is looking forward to starting here in September and such visits to the school will enable him to feel comfortable before his first day of term.  Everyone benefits from a taster!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow if you can come to our Open Day.


Jessica Crossley
29th March 2018
Mrs Crossley's end of term letter

Dear Parents

What joy to feel the onset of spring over the past few days.  A hard winter has finally come to an end and we will no doubt take extra pleasure in ‘earth’s immeasurable surprise’ (Philip Larkin) as buds fatten and nature springs to life again.

Children luckily are not dormant during the winter months and their cheerful involvement in everything on offer has resulted in a very successful term.  I hope that parents keep an eye on our Facebook page to see what goes on in classrooms during the school day.  Other highlights have included phenomenal success at Skipton Music Festival, very strong performances on the sports field, beautiful poetry at the Poetry Recital Competition and a wide range of showmanship at Moorfield’s Got Talent  -  the breadth of our curriculum gives great opportunities for all our children.

Academic strength continues to be shown in our excellent senior school entrance exam results.  We are proud of how we achieve such success without unnecessary pressure due to skilful teaching through many years at Moorfield.  Children here enjoy their lessons and therefore engage with their learning in a way that enables them to achieve such good outcomes.  I would like to pay tribute to all the Moorfield teachers who, right from the start, value and work with each individual child through the years to achieve such results.

Thank you for your generous support for the S6 Young Entrepreneurs’ Project this term.  I’m sure there isn’t a single parent in school who hasn’t shelled out for a tie-dye T-shirt, a scrumptious cookie or a packet of meringues.  Children in the top year have learnt a great deal about working in a team and the fundamentals of running a business – without your support their products would have remained unsold.  Ilkley Candlelighters will reap the rewards as all profit is being donated to this worthy local charity.

You will be pleased to know that the PA's fundraising efforts have enabled us to order the giant climbing net as the target has now been reached.  Thank you to you all! The children will be delighted when it arrives in the summer term and is installed in the grounds.

Next term, OPEN DAY is on Saturday, 21st April, which is the first Saturday after the holiday. The main purpose of this event is for parents to meet Mr Baddeley who will be the new Head from September 2018. With this in mind, the format of the Open Day is different to previously.  We are hoping that families will drop in for a cup of coffee and delicious cake baked by our wonderful Parents’ Association.  The morning runs from 10.30am to 12 noon but we expect parents to pop in for either the first half or the second half.  Mr Baddeley will be introduced and give a short talk at 10.45am and this will be repeated at 11.30am.  The EYFS will be open as for a normal school day for all EYFS children and Mr Snook will be on the pitch for others.  The whole school will be open for anyone who wishes to look round and we will ask our Senior 6 children to be on hand to give tours for anyone who would like one. All teachers will be there to chat to parents and visitors.  Please use this opportunity to invite any friends you have whose children may benefit from being at Moorfield.  Most prospective parents choose to visit on a normal working day but for those who find it difficult to visit during the week, a weekend Open Day can prove to be a golden opportunity to get a flavour of the school.  I know that Mr Baddeley is looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible before he arrives officially at the start of the new school year.  I’d like him to feel welcomed by Moorfield so PLEASE COME!

Also looking ahead, we have after much discussion and deliberation, reluctantly concluded that on the day of the Tour de Yorkshire, Moorfield will not be able to be open.  This means that the May Day Bank Holiday weekend will start early as school will be closed on Friday, 4th May. The reasons for this are as follows: as the finish to the race is at The Cow and Calf, the crowds that build up on Cowpasture Road will prevent parents parking anywhere near school to collect their children; intermittent closure of the A65, Denton Road and Brook Street for the racing cyclists will impact on traffic flow as will the all-day closure of The Grove and Cowpasture Road.  Lack of easy access for emergency services also has to a health and safety consideration.  I take no pleasure in this decision, particularly after the forced snow closure but cannot see a way round the negative impact of the congestion on Moorfield due to our location in the town. I apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please refer to the website calendar, which will be updated during the holidays for next term. I recommend this as your first port of call if you want to know what activities are going on at school each week.  I hope you all have a restful Easter holiday and I look forward to seeing you again on Monday, 16th April.

Kind regards

Jessica Crossley

Jessica Crossley

24th March 2018

This term we have shown a large number of prospective parents round the school. I have been delighted with the positive feedback we have received.  One parents emailed afterwards: 'What really came across from my visit was the passion of the teachers in teaching and how well that is being transmitted to the children, who are obviously really engaged in their learning. It is not until you bench mark practices in other schools that you realise what you are missing out on.' Another wrote: 'Every member of staff has been a delight to deal with, as well as being caring and clearly passionate about the school. We are looking forward to starting for real after Easter.'

We have now started a new page for parents' comments on our school website. We would be delighted if you too could recommend the school.  So often parents say kind and encouraging things but, in order not to misquote spoken words, we would be  grateful if you could write down what you think.  Please email this to enquiries@moorfieldschool.co.uk and we will add it to our 'What Our Parents Say' page.

With only four days to go to the end of term, we're going to have a very busy week: Easter Service (parents most welcome); more visitors; Bunny Day (+ £1); Easter egg decorating competition; house rounders matches for Upper School; staff v S6 netball match (we're scared this year!); four classes on outings and final assembly at 11.15am on Thursday morning. Once again, parents are most welcome to attend. School breaks up at 12.15pm for the Easter Holiday.


What a treat to welcome fifteen new children to Moorfield recently: Charlie (S5), Sam (F4), Ali, Arthur, Isla, Libby and Ted (F3), Alice and Amber and Teddy(F1) and Josh, Olivia, Ollie and Sam (EYFS).  It is only the end of the first week back but those who arrived just a few days ago already look as though they have always been here.  It has been encouraging to hear such positive comments from parents about how they feel their children have settled into our school.

An important new boy will be visiting tomorrow!  He will be looking forward to meeting parents and children.  We know how much my successor, Mr Baddeley, is looking forward to starting here in September and such visits to the school will enable him to feel comfortable before his first day of term.  Everyone benefits from a taster!

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow if you can come to our Open Day.

Jessica Crossley


16th March 2018

The adjudicator at Skipton Festival this week commented that, “There’s something special happening at Moorfield School”.  He was referring to the standard and range of musical talent from our pupils.  He also said of our choir that to hear children of this age singing in five parts was very rare and that it was a very special performance.  What rewarding feedback to receive from someone who has no need to promote what we do.  Thank you to all parents who have supported us with transporting children back and forth to all the different classes.  Our results have been stupendous, a comprehensive list of which will be published next week.

Also this week we swam in a gala, played a hockey fixture and ran cross country.  How proud we are that Martha will run in the national finals in a couple of weeks.  Will she be the fastest runner in the country at her age again this year?

As we hurtle towards the end of term, perhaps children would like to enter the annual Easter egg competition.  The theme this year is MUSICALS.  Please bring decorated eggs in for the last week of term.

9th March 2018

Thank you for the huge pile of clothes sent in for St George's Crypt over the past week.  We have also made a donation of £125.  For those who so generously donated to our snow appeal for the homeless, we appreciate your kind-heartedness.

What a pleasure it was today to see the EYFS children treating their mummies and grannies (and daddies!) to an afternoon of treats.  The children loved to show what they do when at school with lots of activities, ballet and singing to share.  The children had baked delicious cakes and the wonderful spread was itemised on a 'menyoo' all written out so that grown-ups would know what there was to eat.

At the top end of the school, the Senior 6 class has spent three days in London together.  Thankfully, the journey was sandwiched between snowfalls and we all had a very exciting time discovering some of the historic sites, shopping at the best toy shop in the world and seeing the West End show, 'School of Rock'.

It is also good news that the new children who have recently arrived at Moorfield look as though they have been here forever.  Alistair (F3) had us laughing in assembly this morning at his cockney slang, Teddy (F1) loves school lunches, Isla (F3) and Emmy (N3) are the epitome of smiles and kindness.  It has been a pleasure to welcome them all to Moorfield.


1st March 2018 - First day of spring!

At this time of intensely cold weather it doesn’t bear thinking about what it must be like to be homeless. Sledging and playing in the snow is great fun but returning to a cosy home, hot chocolate, roaring fire, deep bath and comfy bed is part of the pleasure. 

Having watched the news last night on the tremendous work done by St George’s Crypt in Leeds, I am now hoping that we can show our spur-of-the-moment Moorfield kindness by having a collection at school when we all return. We now also have a close link with St George's Crypt as James Nice's father, Matthew is their Chief Operator.  James is in Form 4.

There will be baskets in the School front entrance and in Nursery - please give with gratitude for your home and comforts.  Also, if anyone has a surplus man’s coat at home, please bring it in as there is a real need for these.

We will contact you again tomorrow morning when a decision will be made about having school open or not.  If we are open, there will be no breakfast club but school will open at 8.45am. We will text you by 7.45am at the latest.

Jessica Crossley
28th February 2018

I am very sorry that Moorfield was closed today.  It is always an agonising decision as I consider the inconvenience it may cause parents before the joy the children possibly have on their sledges!

Tomorrow will be bitterly cold and some weather reports say it will be snowing heavily tonight with more to come tomorrow morning between 7am and 10am; however, I don't want to make a decision about tomorrow until the morning in case the forecasts are wrong!  

We will have a later start with children potentially arriving at 9.30am as it would give us time to assess carefully whether school can run or not. There will be no Breakfast Club. Parents will receive a text by 8am to inform you whether school is open or closed.

If we are open we will NOT be having Pyjama Day.  Please only travel to school if it is safe for you to do so.  It is not worth risking the icy roads in treachorously cold weather.  If we are open, lessons will take place in some form depending on which staff can get to school.  Senior 5 and Senior 6 must not panic about play practice.  I will ensure they have another time to rehearse.  The Lion King must not suffer for snow when Africa is on stage!

Jessica Crossley
9 February 2018

At Moorfield we know that all children are individuals with different needs and talents.  As they approach the end of their time at Moorfield, we help parents with their choices for senior schools so that each child goes to a school which is well suited to their ability.  We don’t encourage parents to have their children sitting multiple exams as we have the confidence that they will pass the exams for the schools they want to attend. 

This year we have fifteen children in Senior 6 and we are delighted to share their entrance exam successes:

Ermysted’s                                       Archie                                   

Skipton Girls’ High School             Ellie


Bradford Grammar School           Megan                                  Charter Academic Award


Harrogate Ladies’ College             Felicity 

                                                          Sofia                                      Academic Scholarship with Sport


                                                          Grace                                    Choral Scholarship

Gateways                                         Jessica 

Hull Collegiate                                 Lily                                       Sports Scholarship 

Giggleswick                                      Rebecca

Queen Margaret's                           Imogen


 Victoria College   (Jersey)             Dylan

Well done to them all and to Edward who, despite having no exam to write for Ilkley Grammar School, has worked really hard and made magnificent progress  since arriving at Moorfield in September.

Jessica Crossley
2nd February 2018

We've had a busy ten days of sports fixtures: swimming, three netballs, football, cross-country and a hockey tournament.  What is encouraging is our strength in all sports and the fixtures arranged for both boys and girls.

Last week when when our U8s and U9s played netball, Ms Vento had plenty of areas for suggested improvement.  How wonderful that this week they won their matches against Gateways showing that they had listened and acted upon advice.

Our hockey tournament against three schools last week proved a great success.  The standard of play was high and we were delighted that our U11s won and U10s came second to Sedbergh. 

Some of our top players missed the hockey as they were running in the Bradford League cross- country.  How proud we were to have runners come in 1st, 3rd (x2), 4th and 5th.  Hattie was leading all the way in the U9 race until she took a wrong turn therefore ending her race in 5th position.   

A couple of years ago we swam our first gala.  We knew that it was just a start and that, with focus we could improve.  Last night's results showed just that!  Our swimmers have gained in speed and strength, they dive and turn quickly.  We won against Giggleswick at U9, U10 and U11 levels.

It is fun to be sending the boys off on the minibus for rugby and football matches.  It was especially good to fare so well this week against Ghyll Royd, even though Archie was unwell.  We lost our match but not by much and the boys surpassed themselves by coming home covered in mud from head to toe!

Netballers from Ghyll Royd came here while the boys went there.  When shooters can shoot, the scores can get very high in a good team and we pleased with a 19-2 score and some excellent play.

In the old days, our standard in music stood out.  How exciting now to see our sport achieving excellence too.


Jessica Crossley
19th January 2018

Last Friday at home time after extra choir, I got wind of the fact that there was to be a pop-up choir in the entrance hall to show parents what had been learnt during the session.  I thought it was quite brave to sing out like that after one practice - what was astonishing was that it was in FIVE parts.  The song was dreamy and the first piece for our Skipton Festival entry.  I wish more people could hear our choir.

There was great disappointment today when the boys' football match was cancelled due to the snow; however, spirits revived during a prearranged master class with Laura Wallace resulting in some magnifienct observational paintings. We will display them for you all to enjoy.

Another excitement was The Lion King parts, which were given out after the auditions.  This year's school play is going to be worth seeing.

At the other end of the school we also all enjoyed a story about a wizard and a princess written by Maya in F1 and last week Reception's stories had us all giggling in assembly.

A rich tapestry of activities gives experiences to remember and build your children into who they become by the end of Senior 6.

Jessica Crossley
10th January 2018

We’re back to school for the spring term.  There’s not much spring in the air yet but the sound of school life is enough to cheer us on through January until the days begin to lighten.  We extend a particularly warm welcome to Jumana in F3, Amaan in F2, Kamal in N3 and Margot and Lottie in N1.

The website calendar lists the events for the term and, as you will see, it is going to be very busy.  Sporting fixtures are burgeoning as we are now sending the boys’ teams for football and rugby as well as teams for swimming, netball and hockey.  Moorfield’s Got Talent will be returning to add to the other annual events for this time of year.

We are delighted to welcome Mr Greenfield to Moorfield each Monday to teach Science to S5 and S6 and Miss Smith will be teaching F2 Science.  Swimming lessons for F3/4 will now take place alternate weeks.  Miss van Eede will teach computer coding to each group fortnightly enabling children more time to develop this increasingly important skill.  Pupils will write their swimming weeks in their homework diaries so that swimming kit is not forgotten.

Our whole school theme for this half-term is being proactive.  Please support your children with this as it will encourage them to be more helpful and more independent both at home and at school.

As stated in our core aims and values we ‘encourage respect for everyone and everything on our planet.’ With this in mind, we are reassessing and prioritising our recycling within school.  Over the last couple of years, since the introduction of the water fountain, we have noticed that too much pre-ordered milk is going to waste; we have to dispose of 200 cartons a week, many of which have unfinished milk swilling about inside them.  We have now decided to serve milk from jugs at break time in the playground for any children who sign up for it. Parents would not be charged for this provision. The only rule would be that, if it is poured, it would have to be finished before children are allowed to go and to play. This new method of provision would give ample milk for children who want it at no extra cost to the parents and without any waste – everyone’s a winner!  We propose to start with the new arrangement next Monday.

The entrance hall at the end of the school day has become like Oxford Circus without traffic lights! All pupils will be sent to the top end of the dining room where we would ask parents to wait; this should ease the congestion.  May I also remind parents that no dogs, except Meg the bushcraft dog, are allowed on the school premises; please tie your dog at the gate to wait for you.

Senior 6 pupils have a busy month ahead with many pupils writing entrance exams for their next schools.  They need not be anxious as they have everything in place to do themselves proud.  The reward of having been at Moorfield for sixteen years is that I often bump into Moorfield pupils who have long since left the school.  Their education at Moorfield has led them onto exciting lives studying hefty degrees at top universities, embarking on big jobs in London and beyond.  How I would love to keep in touch with all of our current pupils and follow their successes in the years ahead.  Experience tells me that they too will excel.

This term’s Head Pupil is Martha Jackson. A strong team of prefects will no doubt prove to be supportive and helpful to the smooth running of the school.  The inspectors last year were very impressed by the level of responsibility prefects enjoy at Moorfield.  Providing such opportunities is an integral part of their personal development.

Exciting news is that the PA has now reached its £10,000 fundraising target.  Thank you for all your support with this initiative. We can now order the climbing net to be installed when the weather improves.

This is my penultimate term as Head of Moorfield.  I am savouring every day! I look forward to seeing parents at pick-up and drop-off each day as well as at school events.  Don’t forget that I am always available should you have any worries about anything concerning your children.  Their happiness and wellbeing is a priority to us.

Jessica Crossley
15th December 2017
The joy and sparkle of the Christmas season must not pale into insignificance the other parts of what has been an extraordinarily busy and productive term but this is where I shall start.
 As I write, children are swirling round my office, which has become The Present Room this morning.  It is a big opportunity for serious shopping and what a delight it is to observe the children poring over the choices of gifts with siblings discussing options and the School Council ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  As always, everyone benefits; by providing the gifts from Fairtrade, we always send a large sum to support their good work around the world and Moorfield families receive surprise parcels under the tree on Christmas Day.
 I don’t know about you but I didn’t sleep after the carol service.  I think it was a mixture of being overwhelmed and overjoyed at what we had been given by our astonishing choir.  The level of musicality, the range of talent amongst the soloists and the readings delivered with such sensitivity by Senior 6 enabled all of us to be still and let the awe and mystery of the first Christmas touch deep into our hearts.
The Nativity gave us all a true Christmas treat.  Hilarious determination from little stars to out-perform one another did not diminish the endearing performances from the whole cast.  We all loved it.
We knew that Christmas lunch was going to be extra special this year when the smell of melting chocolate permeated the entire school.  The brownies were sublime – a worthy reward for eating our brussel sprout with our turkey!
The most important task of the term, undertaken behind the scenes, was the appointment by the Governors of the new Head.  I have loved and served Moorfield with all my heart and for me to know that the school will be led by the right person is of huge importance to me.  Mr Baddeley was attracted to Moorfield because of our ethos and educational philosophy and the experience he will bring will serve Moorfield very well.  His fresh eyes will, no doubt, in time, bring new good things to the school. I have every confidence that Mr Baddeley’s appointment will ensure Moorfield goes from strength to strength over the coming years.  These are exciting times.
The autumn term is a long and serious term for academic progress.  Enclosed school reports from Form 1 to Senior 6 will give details of progress made in English and Maths and a General report.  Effort grades in the Upper School range from 1* to 4.  1* is exceptional and is rarely given. Please speak to your child’s form teacher early in the New Year if any comments require further explanation.
 In sport a growing range of fixtures is giving more opportunities for boys and girls in the Upper School.  We were delighted with our rugby results showing that we are competing very successfully against other prep schools.   Our hockey and football teams also play to a very pleasing standard and netballers at the top of the school show what heights can be reached when good teamwork combines with expert coaching.  An U11 18-1 score and U10 18-2 score drew gasps of admiration from Sedbergh who pride themselves on their level of sporting prowess!
 With three weeks of holiday ahead, I hope that everyone has time to rest as well as celebrate with families and friends over the festive period.  I look forward to seeing you all in January when the spring term starts on TUESDAY, 9th January.  Clubs begin immediately.


Jessica Crossley
8th December 2017

It's Christmas at Moorfield!  The red  postbox has been  overflowing with cards and the sleigh is filling up with enticing presents.  Your generosity to children in care who live in Bradford is greatly appreciated. 

This afternoon the Lower School Nativity sparkled with star performances.  Watching a son or daughter in the Nativity is one of the most treasured and well remembered treats for any parent. We are already looking forward to seeing it AGAIN  in our final assembly next week so that all children struck down by dreaded bugs will be able to take part.  

The other fun part of today was the distribution of letters from the Chair of Governors telling parents about the appointment of the new Head of Moorfield, Mr Paul Baddeley, from September 2018.  These are indeed exciting times.

Jessica Crossley
24th November

With the dark nights drawing in, we are hurtling towards C... and also trying to squeeze as many things as possible into the weeks we have left before the annual festivities begin. 

A piece of staff news is that Mrs Preston is expecting another baby and will be starting her maternity leave in April.  We are delighted for her and excited that her Lottie will be starting in Nursery in January.

 Mr Turner-Thompson has been squeezing in all his favourite science topics this term and has been equally shared between the Upper School classes for bushcraft sessions before he leaves Moorfield at the end of this term.  We will be immensely sad to lose him as he has brought such varied skills with him:  teaching science to an exacting standard, initiating our development of bushcraft and raising the standard of swimming. We have been very fortunate to have him at Moorfield.


Jessica Crossley
17th November

Anyone visiting Moorfield today would wonder what on earth was going on?  Firstly, everyone turned up in odd socks or odd shoes.  We couldn't work out why we should have been asked to do such a thing as it wasn't a charity fund-raiser.  However, Form 4 explained what it was all about when they told us the slogan 'All different - all equal' as part of their anti-bullying assembly.  That suits us at Moorfield very well where we love the fact that everyone is special and being different adds to our uniqueness.

The day ended with the Light Disco.  Everyone's light sabres waving in the dark combined with sparkly clothes, twinkly shoes and loud music gave everyone a fun but crazy end to a busy week at school.  

Jessica Crossley
10th November

This half-term our whole school theme is 'Thinking of Others'.  Today's Remembrance Assembly provided a poignant opportunity to consider with respect and gratitude what sacrifices are made in war.  Mrs Crossley read personal telegrams sent during WW11, which told parents of their sons missing in action.  We thought of how they must have felt to read such news.  War is very costly.  Senior 6 pupils led the school in serious reflection by reciting poetry, and leading our act of remembrance in a meaningful and respectful way. Thank you to those parents who could join us and share in this act of thinking of others. 


Jessica Crossley
2nd November

In Geography this term, Senior 5 have been learning about renewable energy resources and requested the opportunity to develop their own ideas with individual projects.  The remit was open-ended enabling pupils to do their own research on whatever aspect of the subject they wanted to present. 

The range and standard of the projects was phenomenal and what impressed us in assembly this morning was how every child in the class (without exception) spoke of their project with real confidence and passion. The  individuality of each project demonstrated  nuclear and hydro energy, wind and solar power in ingeniously creative ways.  Constructions of power generators stood alongside baked entries, booklets and meticulously worked out games aimed to increase our knowledge and awareness of the need to do all we can to look after our planet.

Once again, it has been reinforced that allowing children to follow ther interests energises their learning at any age.  Child-led initiatives at the top of the school are powerful too!


Jessica Crossley
18th October

Fairy tales are real!  Observations of all the work that went into Reception’s preparations for Cinderella’s ball on Monday had me convinced.  The whole class had been hard at work last week making decisions about what had to be done.  Real sponge cakes were arranged in tiers, table cloths were cut, tables laid and the castle was decorated with woven trellises.  Even Jenson, the Big Bad Wolf, with all his huffing and puffing, couldn’t blow it down.  Everyone was so helpful and everything was ready just in time.  Then, by magic, Cinderella was changed from her rags to her party dress and the party began.  What a day!

Please share the Facebook page on this exciting approach to teaching and learning in our EYFS.  We are delighted with parents who recommend  Moorfield to their friends, thereby enabling more children to access an outstanding Moorfield education. 

It’s been a very busy half term.  Have a restful break before the run up to … (we’re only allowed to say the word from 1st December.)

Jessica Crossley
6th October

Our beautiful planet gives us so much.  In our harvest celebration this afternoon, there were songs about falling leaves, growing seeds and thankfulness.  There were plays about The Little Red Hen (which was the treat of the afternoon) and The Willow Growers. There were Indian and African harvests and  the Celts showed us that harvest celebrations have been going on for a long time.  The need to protect the world’s resources allows harvests to continue around the world.

The message of harvest was strong and clear as we looked at the wonderful display of harvest gifts sent in by Moorfield families.  These will benefit St George’s crypt in Leeds who do great work to support and feed the homeless.  Thank you for caring and sharing.

Jessica Crossley
2nd October

Cross-country runners gathered for the first race of the season on Saturday.  We were very proud of our Year 6 girls’ team who came 1st and Year 4 girls who came 2nd.  Individual stars are listed in the News section of the website.  Suffice it to say, we are very proud of them all and grateful to all parents who took their children to race for Moorfield on Saturday morning.

However, many of the other results were rather disappointing and there was a distinct lack of va-va-voom!  Despite focused training at Running Club, few children had their eyes on real speed.  Let’s look on the bright side; the good thing about starting badly is that we can only get better!

The Wharfedale League is our training ground for the Bradford League.  The Year 6 and Year 4 teams, who were placed at Wharfedale League will now be entered for the Bradford League, the first race of which is this Thursday.  Thanks go to parents who will be transporting children to and from this fixture.  This was the path we took last year to enable Martha, Ellie and Amy to run their way to the Yorkshire finals, Martha and Amy through to the nationals and finally Martha to become the top U10 runner in the country.

Success in life depends on skill but, more importantly, it depends on the right attitude. We look forward to more Moorfield pupils showing the same grit and determination as our top runners - enjoying the fun of the chase and the reward of success.

Jessica Crossley
29th September

The theme for this half term is Responsiblity and children are being encouraged to grasp the nettle and take growing up in their stride.  It is a pleasure for a teacher to set a date for homework to be completed and then, with joy, find that ALL the books are in the pile dutifully placed there by organised and diligent children - not left in bags in the cloakroom, not at home on the kitchen table, not eaten by the dog.  Learning to take charge of one's organisation is a vital skill and the earlier it is learnt, the easier life will be.

To support children with this, please may parents in the Upper School (F3 upwards) refrain from going to the cloakroom with their children in the morning to help them unpack and get ready for school.  Please say goodbye to your child in the entrance hall or at the school gate.  In that way, they will feel like Upper School children and take pride in managing this part of their lives by themselves.

Jessica Crossley
15th September

The Moorfield Adventure Passport, which was issued at the end of the summer term, has given many children a busy summer holiday.  I have  taken great pleasure in all the scrapbooks that have recorded the adventures.  Photos of jam-making, sunrises and views from mountain summits are just a few examples of some memories children have to enjoy. I am sure parents have also be pleased to record their children hanging out the washing and making their beds!  Thank you for the support parents have given to enable the Moorfield Adventure Passport to be so widely used.

Travellers will now be adding up the miles they have earned and choosing which countries visit.  A huge map on the stairs outside Form 3 is helping everyone to locate different destinations around the world.  A whole school Geography project like this will teach much about the beauty and diversity of the planet and its people.

The summer may be over but the Moorfield Adventure Passport will continue.  It's not too late to get the travel bug!

Jessica Crossley


8th September

Within just two days of the new term, I heard a child say that they were totally shattered!  After a long summer holiday, returning to the fast pace of school and making the adjustment to the next class can prove rather a jolt.  However, it is exciting to be back at school.  As always, Moorfield pupils are very keen to please and school life has got off to a flying start with best efforts all round.

We are delighted to have Anna Wallace as our Head Girl this term and a group of prefects who will no doubt prove to be a tremendous support around school throughout the term.

Extra-curricular clubs will get underway next week.  It will take a few days to secure numbers for clubs and for everyone to know what they are doing.  Details about every club is provided on the website (under Main School - Clubs) to help them make good choices. We are pleased to offer more clubs than ever and give the children a rich range of options.

Please don't forget Squad training tomorrow morning from 9am to 11am unless it is pouring with rain.  Ms Vento is looking forward to having as many S5 and S6 team netballers as possible.

If not before, I look forward to seeing you at the Parents' Information Evening on Tuesday night at 7pm.

Jessica Crossley


1st September

Holiday Club has finally been packed away after seven weeks of activity. There have been numerous outings, countless creative projects, fun and games inside and out.  There has also been lots of good company.  Mrs Driver's team have enjoyed the children and the children have enjoyed being part of Holiday Club.  

Chris Chilton's Drama Summer School has also taken place this week.  After just three days, a full half hour production of 'The Books Fight Back' was performed for parents and friends.  Even the youngest children had speaking parts and it was full of energy with every child showing real stage presence.  Mr Chilton, Mr Bradnum and Ms Harrison led the drama, music and choreography with their usual professionalism and the result was stupendous for all 20 children who came and for those of us who watched the performance.  Mr Chilton is promising to do another Summer School in the final week of the holiday next year so plan your holidays around this event!

Jessica Crossley


7th July

The biggest event of the week was Sports Day.  Perfect weather conditions enabled the children to be warm, dry and not sun-burnt.  The event ran like clockwork and every child had lots of exercise. What a pleasure to see children running at such speed and with such enjoyment.  Exuberant Blackbirds were the overall winners.

The annual music concert showcased the range of instrumentalists: flute, piano, cello, violin, guitar, drums and saxophone.  Our winning choir was as impressive as ever and the bands, strings group and guitar group all provided  top quality performances.  The singing concert next week will give all vocalists their time on stage.

Yesterday we hosted a visit from 25 Spanish girls who were on a trip from Barcelona. It was a very successful day and they and the S6 class integrated and socialised very happily together.  This annual event is a golden opportunity to enrich cultural awareness, showing more about similarities than differences when comparing  our lives with those who live in other countries.

We look forward to sharing our Grand Ramble next Thursday afternoon with as many parents as can come.  It's always a lovely way to spend the penultimate day of the school year together.

The final event of the term will be Speeches and Prizes on Friday morning.  It starts at 11am and we aim to finish in just over an hour.  It will be a chance to celebrate the year's achievements and bid farewell to our Senior 6 class before they move on to Senior Schools. All parents are most welcome to attend.

Jessica Crossley


30th June

The disappointment of a rain-drenched week has been counter-balanced by the delights of Mrs Glover's chocolate square on sale every afternoon!  Orderly queues have ensured that Form 3 have been to sell Moorfield's greatest delicacy in a civilised manner and it has been fun to see parents and chldren alike unable to resist eating it straight away!  Staff have often referred to Mrs Glover as the Moorfield fairy and once again she seems to have worked her magic to support the PA's fund-raising for the climbing net.  Thank you, Mrs Glover, from all of us, for a delicious time!


Jessica Crossley
17th June 

In the midst of a very busy first week back after the half term break, we have had the ISI inspectors visit to undertake a compliance inspection.  As a school, Moorfield has to comply with over 440 regulations and ISI arrived, after a day's notice, to check that everything is in place.  It will take a few weeks for the report to be published but what we do know is that, despite a tremendous work load for the inspectors, they could not have been more pleasant or easy to work for.  They were overwhelmed by the pupils whose manners and demeanour knocked their socks off!

Moorfield pupils are the jewel in our crown -   a shared asset, cherished and appreciated by school and parents alike.

Jessica Crossley 
26th May 

We are ending the first half of the summer term on a high note.  The production of Alice in Wonderland transported us into a dream that couldn't have been more magical.  A stunningly vibrant set and clever costumes gave colour to a performance pulsating with fun and talent.  The singing was, as has come to be expected, out of all proportion to the age of our pupils; the acting displayed confidence and humour.  What was obvious was how much everyone enjoyed performing the play the standard of which was exceptional.

Glorious sunshine this week has been another gift -  may it continue over the next two weeks.  I hope you all have a wonderful half term holiday.

Jessica Crossley

19th May

Eight years ago, Mrs Rix (Director of Music) and I had a chat about how we could grow a really impressive choir.  In those days choir practice was held during lunch break and, to be honest, it wasn't very enjoyable.  We wanted Moorfield children to get pleasure from singing with the result (hopefully) that their performance would improve.  Practice times were changed and the senior and junior choirs were brought together.

Fast forward to this afternoon when, under the expert leadership of Mr Bradnum, we have won the Wharfedale Festival yet again and this time achieved the ultimate 'outstanding' grade.  What a great day for us all and for every member of our choir.  Everyone sings - there is no choice!  To have achieve this standard in a non-selective choir is phenomenal.

We are now dreaming again of where we could go with our choir to show them off further afield as we feel they are at a standard to perform in a national competition... watch this space!

 Jessica Crossley


5th May

Yesterday our assembly focused on COMMUNITY.  It was heart-warming to consider that generosity towards one another is the largest contributing factor to being a happy together.  Being kinder than necessary is also worth remembering when we consider each other and want to build a sense of belonging.

The strength of the Moorfield community could not have been demonstrated more fully than as trolls at the Ilkley Carnival on Monday and the Fun Run on Tuesday.  The Ilkley Gazette said that Moorfield provided a splash of colour and, as usual, the time given by Moorfield families who commited time to the event meant that we could contribute to the wider community in a positive way.  We were bowled over by how fabulous all the parents were to really go to town on their troll outfits.  Thank you for being such good sports and for joining in the fun with such good spirit.

On Tuesday, the children's enthusiasm for the Fun Run knew no bounds.  We could not stop them as they completed lap upon lap.  After a full half hour we had to say, "STOP!"  It was only today that we realised the extent of the level of sponsorship that had gone on behind the scenes over the last few weeks.  The total raised so far is not far short of £6,000!  Once again, the generosity of Moorfield families for our school community project has been very heart-warming.  Thank you everyone who has contributed so far and to Alix Rhodes and the PA who have worked so hard towards getting a big climbing net which will be a wonderful resource for every child in school.  

Generosity builds community and a strong community benfits all those who belong.  I feel very lucky to be the part of such a wonderful school.

Moorfield school - a happy environment