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Moorfield school - science subject


Why do giraffes have such long necks? Why do I weigh less in water than on land? Why do we need to recycle our rubbish? Science is understanding the world around us and beyond.

Our passionate science teachers inspire deep scientific understanding from reception upwards. By setting up their own experiments,pupils learn to think scientifically and explain and evaluate their findings. Our focus on practical, scientific investigation means pupils leave Moorfield with confidence in themselves as knowledgeable scientists, able to plan, question and analyse using a wide variety of skills.

The teaching and learning of science was described as 'excellent' in the June 2011 Inspection Report. Our designated science room provides the ideal environment for practical investigations to take place, with specialist equipment easily at hand, and our older pupils benefit from the inspirational teaching of a specialist, secondary-trained science teacher.

"Even a simple science experiment can liven up a topic, making it easier for children to be engaged and providing a memorable learning experience."

Toby Turner-Thompson (Science teacher, Moorfield School)