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North Bradford Primary Schools XC League Relays


North Bradford XC League – Race 4, Thursday 22nd March

Bradford Grammar School

The following Girls are participating in the above event and will be leaving school at 3pm in order to prepare for their race at 4.15pm.

F3                                                       F4

Amelia B (travelling with Mrs B)            Isabella de L (travelling with Mrs B)

Evie H (travelling with Mrs B)                Heidi W (travelling with Mrs N)

                                                          Lucinda L (travelling with Mrs N)

                                                          Hattie N (travelling with Mrs N)

                                                          Phoebe M (travelling with Mrs N)


Martha J (travelling with Mrs J?)

Could parents please let school know who would be available to assist with transport.

Mrs B to take Amelia + 2 others.

Mrs N to take Hattie + 3 others

Mrs J to take Martha?

Thank you for your support

Josie Vento

(The NBXC Relays will take place in the summer Term, date to be confirmed)


Date: 22/03/2018
Time: 4.15pm

Is key event