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Wharfe Valley Cross Country League: Nell Bank Relays (open to KS2 children only)


Wharfedale Primary School’s Cross Country Relays and Presentation of Awards

Saturday 17th March 2018                             Nell Bank, Denton Road, Ilkley, LS29 0DE

Re:  KS2 Cross-Country relays and awards presentation, Nell Bank , Sat 17th March

The weather does not look particularly nice for tomorrow's event, however we are keen  for the event to happen - all children should wear waterproofs, hats and gloves.  Wellies to walk around the field in and clean shoes/trainers to change into for the amphitheatre.


Please could all participating schools pass this information on to competitors.

Parking: As a matter of safety to all road users no-one should park on Denton Road either side of the Nell Bank entrance where cones and tape have been put out.  The verges are saturated and cars could become stuck.  Please park in the swimming pool car park and walk through Middleton woods to Nell Bank.

Cancellation:   IF we have to cancel a decision will be taken at 8am and a notice put on the JIH web site and Facebook page.  If it snows and settles on the road it is highly likely that I will not be able to get to Nell Bank so please could you warn all competitors to check before they travel.

IF it is cancelled and any teacher/parent would like me to email them in the morning please get in touch with a preferred email address to use.

Shirley and Sally, organisers

The WharfedalePrimary School’s Cross Country Relays and Presentation of Awards will take place this year at Nell Bank on Saturday 17th March.  The event is open to all KS2 children attending the 12 primary schools within the Wharfedale League, namely: Addingham, All Saints’, Ashlands, Askwith, Ben Rhydding, Burley Woodhead, Burley Oaks, Ghyll Royd, Menston, Moorfield, Sacred Heart and Westville.  The relay format will be the same as in previous years with teams running round a convoluted lap on the field facing Denton Road at Nell Bank.


  • Toilet facilities are available at Nell Bank, but ALL activity areas are out of bounds.
  • Nell Bank is a DOG FREE AREA, please therefore leave dogs at home, there are no exceptions.
  • There is parking at Nell Bank for ONE teacher / adult representative from each school. Please make your way to the car park on the left close to the race field.
  • General parking – we suggest parking at Ilkley Pool and Lido and walking through Middleton Woods on the public footpath to Nell Bank.


  • There will be two separate relay races, the first for U11’s (yrs 5/6), the second for U9 (yrs 3/4).  It is important teams stay within the age categories.
  • Each team will be made up of 3 runners in 3 categories – all girls, all boys and mixed.
  • Please have 3 different runners per team and no doubling up across teams.
  • Schools can enter as many teams as they can field.


  • U11’s (yrs 5/6) will do 6 x one lap relay. Leg 1 runner hands over to leg 2 hands to leg 3 hands to leg 1 hands to leg 2 hands to leg 3 to the finish. All 3 runners will complete 2 full laps.
  • U9’s (yrs 3/4) will do 3 x one lap relay. Leg 1 runner hands over to leg 2 hands to leg 3 to the finish.

Schedule of the day

9 – 9.20                 Registration of teams – confirming runners’ names and collecting race                                            numbers

9.25                        Course / relay format briefing for all yr 5/6 relay runners

9.30 – 10               Yr 5/6 relays

10*                         Course / relay format briefing for all yr 3/4 relay runners (*after last yr 5/6                                   finisher if later than 10am)

10.05 – 10.25        Yr 3/4 relays

10.30*                   Presentation of Awards (*or earlier / later after last 3/4 finisher)

The Award presentation is likely to finish at 11.20, we would appreciate everyone staying until the end.

After the U9 relay please could children assemble with their schools on the field / in the car park and walk up to the amphitheatre together, accompanied by a teacher / responsible adult.  Children will be asked to remove their footwear and leave them outside before taking their seats inside the amphitheatre.

Presentation of Awards

The top runners in each of the 8 (boys, girls, yrs 3,4,5 and 6) League competitions will be presented with certificates provided a minimum of 3 races have been run in the season.

The following certificates and engraved shields will be presented:

Relay certificates to 1st, 2nd& 3rd placed teams in 6 categories – Girls, Boys, Mixed in U11 & U9.

Engraved shields to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed individuals in 8 League competitions – Girl / Boy, Years 3,4,5, & 6.

Individual certificates to all top runners in 8 League competitions – Girl / Boy, Years 3,4,5,& 6.

Pre-Enter Teams

To ensure the day to run as smoothly as possible we would like schools to pre-enter teams (provide runners’ name in running order, relay category [Girls / Boys / Mixed] and whether U9 [yrs 3/4] or U11 [yrs 5/6]).

Race day registration

On race day please ensure a representative from each school collects an envelope containing team race numbers and safety pins from Rachel Websdale in the car park. Numbers should be kept by competitors as a souvenir. If team changes need to be made it should be done between 9 – 9.20am on race day. Please inform Rachel of any amends. There will be some ‘spare’ older Junior Harriers available on the day to make up teams if required.

Many thanks in advance for making the day a success.

Date: 17/03/2018

Is key event

Time: 9-11.20am