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Academic Success

Academic Success

Like the vast majority of highly regarded Independent Schools we do not spend our time preparing for and taking SATS. Our own experience in and current contacts within the state sector persuade us that our time can be better spent. We use the rigorous and highly regarded GL assessment regime to monitor our pupils’ progress both individually and in comparison with national standards and this academic year’s successes in entrance exams have endorsed our approach, with a 100% success rate in pupils achieving their first choice destination. Our pupils have, from a class of eighteen, achieved two Charter Awards for Academic Excellence from Bradford Grammar School; two Drama Scholarships from separate schools, separate Art, Sport and Textiles scholarships from another school and three hard-won places at local highly selective state grammar schools. However, the time we have saved has also enabled us to run a sophisticated Young Enterprise Project, take a residential trip to London and participate fully in local festivals and competitions. Please also ask our pupils about the time they enjoy performing in plays, singing in our choirs, playing sport, learning Bushcraft and producing art!
We believe we strike a happy balance between a broad curriculum and true academic achievement, a belief which is endorsed by senior schools with whom we foster excellent relationships.

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Moorfield pupils do not do SATs but the GL tests, used by a large proportion of private schools across the country, are undertaken by all our pupils from Form 1 to Senior 6 every May.  These results are tracked to show individual pupil progress through the years.  The results are analysed to inform the planning of teaching for the following year.  The data from GL also enables us to gauge how we have performed in comparison to other schools.

2017 (Average  Key Stage 2 Results - Form 3 to Senior 6)


Moorfield Average

National Average











To learn that we achieved so impressively above the national average was good news.

We were also pleased to see that the differential grew as the pupils proceeded through the school.  It has shown us that, the longer a pupil is at Moorfield, the wider the gap is between the national and Moorfield average.  Our academic education is reaping a rich harvest of rewards for Moorfield pupils.