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A Word from the Head

31st March

It seems as if every day there is another star to celebrate!  On the sporting front, we are immensely proud of Martha - to have grown a national champion from within our own running club is immensely gratifying.  

The musical theatre exams results have 34 candidates' scores ranging from 83% to 99%.  (Please see the Latest News page for more details.)

In classrooms this week, despite nearing the end of a long term, I have seen a range of thoughtful and intelligent work; our pupils like to work hard and achieve well.  

The Young Entrepreneurs' Project raised a massive £1,170.  What an opportunity S6 had to work closely as teams to produce and market their chosen products.  After their focus on hard work to produce such impressive financial results, they then reiterated Moorfield's ethos of 'caring and sharing' by donating all their profits to Hope Housing, which supports the homeless in Bradford.  Thank you for all parents' support for the pop-up stalls each afternoon.  

We have an Open Hour on Saturday morning, 1st April.  Although we are welcoming new starters every week to Moorfield's Nursery, we appreciate your recommendation to your friends who may also be wanting to provide the gift of a Moorfield education to their children.  

Jessica Crossley
24th March

Moorfield's musical children are having a very busy time.  The results of the Skipton Music Festival are on the website's news page showing how well Moorfield was represented and how wonderfully well our pupils did.  As I write, the musical theatre exams are in full swing with 20 Moorfield children singing their way through the day.  The choir will be polishing up the Easter cantata to present at the Easter service on the final Monday of the school term.  They have also started working on a very ambitious Israeli folk song written in Hebrew to sing at the Wharfedale Festival this year.    

Jessica Crossley


17th March

Looking ahead, The Week of Words will provide different activities to help us celebrate the beauty  of the English language.  The spelling bee will remind us of its quirkiness; the poetry recital (to which parents are invited) of the power of words; the soap box in the playground will give opportunity for freedom of expression and the book swap and dressing up day will remind us of the pleasure of reading.  Please see the calendar of events for the dates of these events.  

The Young Entrepreneurs' Project is well underway as the pop-up shops each afternoon will show!S6 pupils are learning about effective marketing strategies, product design and the importance of customer satsifaction.  The products and services provided have been achieved as a result of a great deal of work.  Thank you for your support each afternoon and for bringing your purses/wallets to school!  The money made will not be lining S6's pockets but will instead go to a worthy charitable cause.

Jessica Crossley


10th March

What a pleasure it was to take Senior 6 to London for three days this week.  A packed itinerary included visits to The Tower of London, The National Gallery, Chinatown, Covent Garden, Hamleys and the Natural History Museum.  We walked twelve kilometres on Tuesday alone, leaving our hostel at 9am and returning at 10.30pm! We also waved to the Queen at Buckingham Palace; chased bubbles on Trafalgar Square; heard the chimes of Big Ben; looked in vain for the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street; sat in the daffodils in St James' Park; ate in restaurants; and took a water taxi on the Thames.

Over and above the sights and delights, the purpose of the trip was to teach the children how to be independent on London Transport.  They soon learnt to stay on the right hand side of the escalators, manage their oyster cards, read the maps, choose the right platform and stay upright as the tube drew to a halt.

The highlight of the trip for me was the children’s company and the pleasure they took in everything they experienced.  As always, their exemplary behaviour enabled us to gain optimum enjoyment from each experience we enjoyed together.  Thank you to Senior 6, Mr Pickles and Miss van Eede for such a wonderful time.

Jessica Crossley
10th February

I am delighted to report on an outstanding set of entrance exam results for our Senior 6 pupils.  We have eighteen pupils in Senior 6 with six choosing either Ilkley Grammar or South Craven.  The remaining twelve scored 100% pass rate to their first school of choice, including seven scholarships and awards. 

I was heartened to hear the following comments from an academically prestigious school where a number of our children spent a day undertaking a variety of activities to ascertain their ability and attitude to learning.  Our pupils were described as ‘agile thinkers, very quick to show initiative with highly developed collaborative working skills.’  As characters they were said to have ‘warmth and confidence without a trace of arrogance’.   Their impeccable manners also drew comment.

It is very rewarding for us to achieve such strong academic results as well as feedback on our pupils’ personal strengths. As parents well know, developing the whole child is our priority.  Our exam results demonstrate that our pupils achieve a high standard academically. The scholarships are testament to their skills over a wide range of disciplines.  We are very proud of them all.

Bradford Grammar School

Amy Brown-Carerra, Dhaya Hayre, Lucy Laycock, Alice Locker (Charter Award for Academic Excellence), Lily Whewell (Charter Award for Academic Excellence)


Lily Whewell (All Rounder Scholarship with Drama)


Alice Locker


Purdey Garnett, Erin Hatfield (Drama Scholarship), Freya Hatfield (Art Scholarship), Bea Nolan (Sport Scholarship), Evie Tempest (Textiles Scholarship)

Ripon Grammar School

Lucy Laycock

Skipton Girls’ High School

Sophie Bateman, Dhaya Hayre

Woodhouse Grove

Catriona Hellewell

In line with the vast majority of prep schools throughout the country who choose not to do SATs, we do not have to spend the rest of the year narrowly teaching to the test. With exams behind us, we now have six months left in which to develop academic endeavour and excellence through extended thinking skills, problem solving and open ended tasks.   The Young Entrepreneurs’ Project, currently underway in Senior 6, is just one example of this enriched opportunity for learning. 

We had also had a highly successful week of sporting successes.  Our hockey teams held their own admirably at GSAL on Tuesday and only just missed going through to the next round of the West Yorkshire competition.  Considering the size of the schools we were playing, we did exceptionally well.  On Wednesday, twelve netball teams played in a tournament at Sedbergh.  Our A team won the tournament, the B team won the plate and one of our players was named player of the tournament!  How lucky we are to have expert coaching from Ms Vento and Mr Snook who are enabling our teams to perform so well.  The large number of sports clubs also gives opportunity for development of skills.  As I write, there are squeals of enjoyment coming from the pitch giving the message of a whole class enjoying exercising in the fresh air on a cold winter’s morning – healthy body, healthy mind!

Please keep checking on Word from the Head and Latest News on the website where regular updates aim to keep parents informed of what is happening at school.


Jessica Crossley
10th February

As you know, many Moorfield School policies are available to read on the school website.  Please note that an updated Compaints Policy has been uploaded. By way of regulatory information I can report that, according to the wording of the old policy, no formal complaints have been registered this academic year .

 Jessica Crossley
2nd February

On Tuesday I overheard one child say to another that it was 'only two more sleeps until the Pyjama Day'!  What a thrill that EVERYONE was at school in their pyjamas today.  Not only did we raise well over £100 for Martin House Hospice but we also had a great time.  

The Form 4 assembly this morning was about random acts of kindness, which reminded us of the transforming effect of caring for others enough to think of a random act of kindness to show it.  This kindness campaign is not only for school; we hope that at home parents will notice extra bits of helping around the house or notes of love and encouragement left in unexpected places.  We hope that random acts of kindness spread happiness - a ripple effect that can make the world a better place because we are in it.

Jessica Crossley 

27th January

I am delighted to tell you that two new after school clubs will start after half term. 

For the Lower School children on Wednesdays we will have Melissa Butterworth from Tatty Bumpkin running fun yoga-inspired classes.  She is coming into school next Thursday to offer a mini-session to give children a taste of what they will be like.  A letter will go out to parents next Thursday afternoon to explain how to register directly with her through the Tatty Bumpkin website.  There will be room for 12 children in the club who are booked in and committed to a half term of classes. The cost for six weeks is £30. 

For the Upper School children on Tuesdays, Mrs Welsh is kindly running a DT Construction Club. There is room for six children in this club due to the nature of the tools and the supervision required. In order to cover costs of materials, the charge for six weeks will be £25.  Letters have already been distributed to parents of children in F3 to S6, which must be returned by next Monday.

If either of these clubs is over-subscribed we will rotate membership so that everyone who wants to join gets a turn.

 Jessica Crossley


20th January

It is a great privilege to have responsibility for the education of children at Moorfield.  Every child is so precious and we know how vital it is to use their childhood years to build  strong foundations for future lives. 

While reviewing our PSHE policy, we have explained how learning opportunities for personal, social and emotional development are presented in every part of the school day.  Every member of the school staff uses their interactions with children to build and strengthen children's self-image and their skills at interacting with others. 

I have always said that it takes a long time to grow a child.  How encouraging it is when we see someone blossoming with newfound confidence or rewarded as a result of hard work.

Senior 6 pupils have been working hard to prepare for their senior school entrance examinations.  For many the reality was far less scary than the anticipation and many children actually enjoyed their exam day last weekend at HLC.  More exams lie ahead at BGS, , Giggleswick, GSAL and Woodhouse Grove.  We know they will be able to give the best account of themselves - they deserve to succeed.

Jessica Crossley


6th January

With a happy start to the new year we are now settling back into the swing of a new term.  As you will see on the calendar there is a busy term ahead.  A letter to parents went out today; if you haven't received it please remind your child to bring it home or request another copy from Mrs Mcmullen.

A new set of prefects in Senior 6 now has their badges pinned on their blazers.  Lily Whewell is the head girl this term.  It is encouraging to see everyone embrace their new roles.  Assemblies are being well organised,  lunch tables carefully looked after, housepoints  counted on time and office work well supported by enthusiastic helpers. What a great start from everyone at the top of the school!

Every half term, the whole school focuses on a character trait to try and develop in our lives.  The new word is RESILIENCE.  Sometimes life doesn't work out just right - can we learn how to bounce back from setbacks?  We will explore what this means in classes and in some assemblies.

I hope you all have fun reading the new edition of the Moorfield Times this weekend.

Jessica Crossley

9th December

Thank you to pupils, staff and parents for a very happy, busy and fruitful term at Moorfield.  We have to remember that it takes a long time to grow a child but even since 1st September, when the doors opened for the start of the new school year, we have watched with pride and pleasure as we have seen much evidence of pupils’ growth in both mind and heart. 

With best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a happy holiday,

 Jessica Crossley

2nd December 2016

Our first week of Christmas celebrations started with the lighting of the Christmas tree on Monday afternoon and ended with the very amusing production of 'Strictly the Nativity' this afternoon. (Read more about it in Latest News.) In between has been a party lunch, the delivery of scores of Christmas cards and a growing feeling of festivity and good cheer throughout the week.  Christmas at Moorfield is always very special and this year is proving to be no exception. 

Monday will give the children a chance to visit The Present Room.  The array of really special gifts this year will enable children to shop for family with no-one peeping!  The carol service is yet to come, which, for many, gives a pause to reflect on 'God with us'.  Snippets of choir singing, which I have heard thus far, gives me every reason to be excited about a treat in store. Everyone is welcome.


Jessica Crossley

25th November 2016

I am delighted to  have a 'Word from the Head' slot on the new website as I have missed the regular opportunity to communicate with parents as I did in the Weekly Update.

As always, the outer face of Moorfield is the result of a great deal of work and thought that goes on behind the scenes to provide as relevant and worthwhile a school experience as possible. Training staff to develop in skills is essential to our continuing excellence.  To this end,  I spent the day in an outstanding school in Cambridge on Monday, observing how they teach children to manage their feelings. Over the years they have developed a rich and thoughtful programme which has had a real impact.  

Developing emotional intelligence in our Moorfield pupils has always been important to me and I found my day at St John's College Prep School inspiring.  My connection with their new Head gave me the freedom to ask if they could share their good practice and I was the lucky recipient of their generosity.  Over the next weeks and months we will be considering how best to implement more specific teaching of emotional intelligence at Moorfield, which, in turn, will contribute to children's wellbeing and their ability to manage their lives and their learning more constructively.


Jessica Crossley

Jessica Crossley, Head of Moorfield