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Meet the Head

Thank you for clicking onto the ‘Meet the Head’ page.  By way of introduction I would like to share a favourite poem of mine.

Dancing on Coconuts

“I can dance on a coconut,” said Andrew.
Andrew is three years old
And I believe he can.
“Doesn’t it roll around?! I asked.
“Not for me,” he said.

He pulled up a fistful of grass
Scattering dirt on the sidewalk.
“I wonder if there are any lobsters in here?” Andrew said.
I told him I thought lobsters lived in water.
“No,” he said, “they don’t.”

Andrew’s world has so many wonders,
Coconuts to dance on, lobsters in the grass.
I hope the world bigger than three
Does not take these wonders from him.

I wish that Andrew could spread out his magic before us
Like tangled grassroots the lobsters live in,
And let us touch it too,
Let us dance on coconuts.
                                                                - Elizabeth Cromm

Children are fun!  If given the chance they are also inquisitive, resourceful and imaginative.  A school could too easily squash these qualities out of children but not here!  At Moorfield we are committed to creating a learning environment which fosters in every boy and girl a quest for knowledge, development of their skills and character, and the exciting discovery of their talents.

We also believe that happy children learn best.  Through warmth and care for every child, we create an atmosphere which is supportive and enabling. Through this we instil in children a love of learning and a confidence in working hard to achieve their personal goals. Above all, we are also creating a childhood to remember.  We take great pleasure and pride in launching our pupils very successfully into the world beyond eleven in the hope that they will never forget how to ‘dance on coconuts.’

Every day is open day at Moorfield.  If you are interested in discovering this type of educational experience for your son or daughter and would like to visit the school, please get in touch.  We look forward to meeting you.

Jessica Crossley

Jessica Crossley, Head of Moorfield